Healthy alternatives to Hallowe’en candy

Well, it’s almost time for Hallowe’en again!

Are you getting ready by stocking up on candy?

Here are some ideas on alternatives to the usual sugary treats, including some surprises!

  1. Individually-wrapped small bags of pretzels
  2. Cheese and crackers (no trans-fat)
  3. Fruit juice boxes (100% pure juice)
  4. Small packages of nuts or raisins

You can also consider non-food items, like:

  1. Stickers
  2. Balloons (not to children under 4)
  3. Crayons
  4. Pencils
  5. Colored chalk
  6. Baseball cards
  7. Rubber spiders
  8. Nickels or dimes
  9. Whistles
  10. Toothbrushes (??)

I don’t know. Is it evil to give out toothbrushes on Hallowe’en? Maybe. Would I feel like a mean old dentist? But what if you could find some cool orange-and-black toothbrushes with a Hallowe’en theme (go about halfway down the page on the link)?

These tips came from Kansas State University, Wiki How, and Children Today. These websites also have good ideas for what parents can do before the kids leave to trick-or-treat (feed them first!), and what to do once they get home, and also how to incorporate good nutrition into a Hallowe’en kids party.

And remember to stay away from artificially sweetened candy like aspartame/Nutrasweet/Equal/Splenda, etc. These man-made chemical substances have their own problems.

Author by Daryl Kulak