Halloween habits! Parents try to swipe candy too

It’s the season of spooking, and nothing says “Trick or treat!” better than kids going from house to house in search of all the candy they can get their hands on. Whether they are Batman, a Power Ranger or Disney princesses, they all have the same thing in mind. But before you let them eat their way into a sugar-induced coma, you’re probably going to take a swat at their stash for yourself.

That’s what the National Confectioners Association thinks anyway. According to them, ninety percent of parents admit to sneaking some candy out of their little superhero’s Halloween stash. Those ever-popular snack-sized chocolate bars were a parental favorite (kids, now you know the target).

Halloween or not though, moderation is still the key. Some excellent tips to keeping the party under control include storing your children’s massive candy stash somewhere other than his or her bedroom. Even grown-ups would have a hard time resisting a bag full of chocolate if it were kept in the same place they slept.

Author by Adams Briscoe