Storm Door Buying Guide

By Michael Straessle

Storm doors are as efficient as they are decorative. They come in a wide range of choices in color and material. Unlike the storm doors of the past, which were only screen doors made of metal with a window in them, today’s storm doors offer more. Not only do they protect the inside of the house from flying critters, they also provide protection from the harmful rays of the sun.


Vinyl clad aluminum is a common type of storm door. The vinyl on the door is similar to that used for siding and has the same durability. Doors that are constructed of steel also give the homeowner protection from the elements as well as security. Other types of storm doors offer full glass to windows that raise to let in the fresh air. Some types include double hydraulic closers to compensate for the weight of the door.


The obvious function of a storm door is protection from the wind and the various forms of water that falls from the sky. However, when the main entry door is open, the function of the storm door is to allow sunlight to enter the home. With ever-increasing technology in glass products, the storm door also functions as a protector of the main entry door. This function protects the paint or stain on real wood doors and keeps the heat down on steel entry doors.


There are many things to consider when deciding to purchase a storm door. The first thing that a consumer will notice is the quality of the paint and glass. The next thing that needs to be considered is the design of the hinges. A good set of hinges will last the life of the door and allow the installer to secure the storm door frame to the doorjamb. After these quality checks are done, then it is time to look at the doorknob. Check to see if it gives deadbolt protection.


This is where the design of the door plays the largest role. Enhancing the entry area of the home is important. You want to protect the investment of that solid wood entry door, but you also want something that is going to complement that door as well as the front of the home. With choices available in storm doors, the homeowner can find the perfect door for the desired effect. Etched glass, sidelights and frosted glass are just a few of the choices that can change the effect of the entry area of the home.


During the considerations that apply to shopping for storm doors some features may not be noticeable. Since there are many features that come standard on storm doors, it is left to the consumer to inspect each feature to be certain that they are getting a good deal. Apart from the paint, glass, hinges and doorknob features, the quality of the doorjamb is crucial. This feature also includes the weather stripping that seals when the door is closed. Another feature that separates storm doors is the quietness of operation. When it is opened and closed, the quality will be noticed by the level of noise it creates.