Don’t lose track of all of your supplements

I know in our house, the quest to be healthy people includes lots of whole food supplements. From green barley juice and spirulina to probiotics and grape-seed extract, I must admit, sometimes I find myself forgetting which supplements to take when. This article has inspired me to set up a supplement diary in chart form, so I can keep track of what I am taking morning and evening.

One feature of this particular supplement diary that really struck me is writing down why we are using a certain supplement. I know for me it is important to be reflective about what each supplement is doing for me, so I can constantly change and alter my regimen to fit my body’s current needs.

A supplement diary gives me a place to keep notes about how I react to certain supplements as well. For instance, now I know never to take my liquid seaweed supplement at night if I want to sleep! I save all the amazing energy it gives me for the mornings now.
Sometimes, I find I only need a supplement for eight weeks or so, and my supplement diary will help me keep track of that. It can also effectively help you see where you may be missing certain types of supplementation. My chart showed that I was clearly getting enough “greens,” but that I might benefit from more beta-carotene supplementation. Now if only I can find the time to start juicing carrots and beets again . . .

Having a separate supplement diary for each member of the family will be helpful, too. Knowing what my husband is taking regularly will help me keep the right amount of the different supplements in the house, so we won’t run out. And if my husband is caring for Owen one day, he will know to put his nutritional sprinkles in his yogurt.

I can’t think of a good reason not to keep a supplement diary, so off I go, to create them from the templates the article has provided.

Author by Debra McDuffee