Denmark a shining example on ridding itself of trans fats

Denmark seems to be in the driver’s seat of all countries in its efforts to ban trans fats from all foods — prepared and processed. The law stipulated that all foods could no longer have more then two percent trans fats, or the offending food provider risk huge fines and even prison terms for violations.

In a result that I’m very pleased to see, today Danish residents hardly even notice the difference — Danish french fries are still crispy and Danish pastries are still just delicious. In other words, from people that would rather eat trans fat-infested foods and risk heart disease just to have taste at all costs, Denmark’s solution was a perfect one. Just get rid of trans fats altogether and replace it with something else that is not nearly as destructive.

The recent trans fat experience Denmark has witnessed easily offers a hopeful example for places like Canada and New York City — both of which are considering setting limits on dangerous and artery-clogging trans fats.

Author by Brian White