New York considers banning Trans Fats in restaurants

Now this is something that should be celebrated from the rooftops of every American home — New York City is deciding on a proposal that would block city restaurants from serving food containing artificially-made fat called Trans Fats. While Trans Fats taste swell, they are harmful to the body according to several sources.

I personally stay away from anything containing Trans Fats these days, which is not hard since many food manufacturers have switched away from using these bad fats based on the public’s increasing knowledge of their dangers. In fact, just look at a food label — if you see “partially hydrogenated” anything, stay far away if you can.

This city proposal has its detractors of course, which most likely make up companies that make and/or sell Trans Fat supplies to the larger processed food and restaurant industry. That does not diminish the fact that Trans Fats are one of the worst things you can consume in your diet in my opinion.

Author by Brian White