Wind power: cheap, renewable and green

Who out there runs their homes or condos on wind energy? Come on, raise your windmills! A little over a year ago, I signed up with my electric company to power my residence with 100% wind energy. Think it feels good? You bet it does. Especially as energy prices rise higher and higher.

Oklahoma Gas & Electric was at the forefront of harnessing wind-powered electricity when they began offering it to early-adopting customers in the fall of 2004. After all, Oklahoma has so many open, windy acres that it made sense for one of the largest electric companies to implement wind energy here. I immediately signed up, knowing that initially — for a few years — I would have a wind-power surcharge on my electric bill. No mind, I thought. At least I was doing my part to wean our energy consumption off of fossil fuels and into newer and highly-sustainable renewable energy.

After a little over a year, I actually started saving money every month — to the tune of almost 20% — by my 100% wind power credit outweighing the actual surcharge I was paying. This was the best of both worlds — paying quite a bit less per month for electricity while using wind power electricity injected into the electrical grid. I now hear there’s a long waiting line for those wanting to switch to wind power here — probably mostly for the cost savings. Hey, someone has to be among the first, right? And on this issue, I’m happy to lead the charge. Interested in jumping on this wind-powered bandwagon? If so, click here to find out if your local utility offers wind energy options.

Author by Brian White