Who should get a fall and winter flu shot?

With the fall season underway — and the winter 2006 season nearby — it may be time to start thinking about flu shots. While many natural health proponents agree that challenging one’s immune system throughout the year and eating extremely well is the key t flu prevention, there are millions of citizens whose only hope of protection is to have an annual flu shot.

So, who should get them, then? Well, those with risk factors like the ones below from MedicineNet are the most likely suspects.

If you’re:
– Between the ages of 6 months and up to 5 years
– Age 50 and older
– Pregnant
– Suffering from a chronic disease
– Living in a nursing home or similar facility
– A doctor, nurse, teacher or someone else who works closely with people who are at higher risk of contracting flu

After all, it’s hard to “stay fit” when the flu has attacked your body. Make this year one of non-flu — yes?

Author by Brian White