What are the worst foods you can eat?

Many of us know the “safe” foods in a restaurant: the healthy ones to order when we’re watching our waistlines or trying to eat as healthfully as possible.

I usually order the universal mixed green salad with a grilled chicken breast and a side of salsa instead of dressing. It’s tasty, easy, and available on pretty much any menu. But equally important to know are what foods to avoid. Maybe you really don’t feel like that salad with chicken tonight. What about duck, is it OK? Well, apparently, it’s not, especially if it’s duck confit.

Forbes has a list of ten of the worst foods for fat and calories, along with their evil delicious pictures. Still, with 72 grams of fat and 1000 calories, I’m not sure I’ll ever eat eggs bennie again. Most of them are pretty obvious — like french fries and cheeseburgers, for example. But I was a little surprised that lasagna made the top 10, and there’s a chicken dish in there too.

I’m glad there’s no banana split cheesecake on the list (even though I’m sure it’s right up there) because I’m not quite ready to give those up.

Author by Kristin Scott