What Is Vellum Paper?

Vellum paper is a sheer, nearly transparent craft paper that is commonly used in scrapbooking, homemade invitations and photo crafts. The soft paper can be used in a home printer and accepts black and colored inks. Vellum paper adds a unique quality to crafts with its thin, cloudy appearance. Vellum paper can come in a variety of colors, but its classic transparent white color seems to be most popular, since it can be layered over a photograph or text. Make vellum paper part of your next craft project!


  • Vellum paper is available in a variety of thicknesses and colors. A thin vellum paper can be used as a transparent sheath over printed material. One common use is printing text on the vellum paper with a home computer printer and then layering it over a printed photograph so the photo shows through the haze of the vellum paper.Pastel, bright and muted colors of vellum paper are available. Colors can be purchased to coordinate with the craft project. For example, colors coordinating with a wedding, school colors or theme can easily be used in the project.


  • Vellum paper can come in a variety of sheet sizes. Letter-sized sheets (8.5 x 11 in.) and snapshot-sized sheets (4 x 6 in.) are common. Sheets ideal for scrapbooking are also available in 12 x 12 in. and 8 x 8 in. sizes. Larger sheets can be cut down as needed or used for tracing cut-outs. It is easily cut with a scissors, paper punch or paper cutter.


  • Vellum paper makes invitations, crafts and scrapbook pages look classy and different. The sheer paper and layering effects give a new dimension to most art projects. Vellum paper is generally used as a top layer in craft projects.


  • Vellum paper is a very thin craft paper. It is not ridged enough to stand on its own and almost always needs to be attached to cardstock, photo paper or another stiff substrate. When working with glue, vellum paper can be difficult to keep flat and centered on a project. Try using a hole puncher and attaching the vellum with ribbons.


  • Elegant craft projects are easy to make when using vellum paper. The use of vellum paper always makes the project look finished and classy.