Walt Disney theme parks to serve healthier food

In a move that i highly applaud, the Walt Disney company has decided to remove unhealthy items from its theme parks in response to concerned parents who bring their kids for a day of fun only to have the occasion sullied by the horrid nutrition value found in the food served.

Have you ever looked at the food served at theme parks? Just like what I’ve seen in many elementary school lunches, it’s hard to see how such poor nutrition can be fed to our children, but the main reason I almost always here is “cost savings”. What else is new — we poison ourselves with bad nutrition every day just to save a few pennies when its all done.

Disney CEO Robert Iger said of the move: “we are well aware of the huge responsibility we have, given our reach and our ability to impact people’s behavior and opinions.” That’s a rather bold statement and it is incredibly refreshing to hear the head of one of the largest entertainment companies in the world say something like this. Iger also said Disney sees a business opportunity in promoting more healthier food at its theme parks. Sounds like a win-win situation to me.

Author by Brian White