Wal-Mart rapidly expands $4 generic prescription drug program

Only about a month after being announced, Wal-Mart has announced that it is rolling out its new prescription drug program to 14 more states outside of the original state of Florida. Originally, Wal-Mart was going to offer newer pricing — 30% to 40% discounts — on over 300 widely-prescribed generic prescription drugs only in the Tampa, Florida area.

Soon after announcing this rather brash move into the basement bin pricing of generic drugs, Target and Publix followed suit on perfect copycat fashion. Wal-Mart then made the program available in all of Florida immediately instead of waiting until 2007, and now the world’s largest retailer has expanded the program to 14 states.

Either Wal-Mart is doing this hoping to recruit more shoppers into its stores to buy cheaper prescription drugs and woo them into low prices on everything else, or it’s trying to help customers receive the absolute lowest possible price on needed prescription drugs. What’s your take?

Author by Brian White