Tips on coming out of the holiday season the same size you went in

The holidays are infamous for sneaking pounds on one by one, although I don’t know if “sneaking” really applies because we all see it happening — just aren’t sure how to stop it. There has to be literally thousands of tips out there on how to manage holiday weight gain — and here are some more to try! But honestly, I think it’s always worth looking because you just might find that “miracle tip” that works for you. So here are a few according to

  • Rent your workout. I actually think this one is really cool: head to the video store and rent a workout video. Use it 3 or 4 times during the week, and then when you return it pick up a different one. Definitely not monotonous or boring! And you can commit to this plan for just a few weeks to get you through the holiday hump.
  • Chocolate covered strawberries. Make a batch of strawberries and take them to work to help ward off temptations of higher-fat cake and brownies.
  • Spoil your appetite and focus on fun. Eat something before you head off to a party with a buffet (so you’ll be less tempted to sample absolutely everything!) and once you get there focus on friends and having fun. The time will fly by and you’ll forget to keep snacking.

Author by Rigel Gregg