Fresh Fitness Tips: Earphones, thighs, lunch and more…

by Erin Kurdyla— Questions answered by expert

Basketkam11 says: Can you recommend a good pair of ear buds/ head phones for my ipod? I’ve been using the typical ear buds that come with an ipod, but I find that they slip out and move around too much while I’m running. Any recommendations would be appreciated!

Answer: My husband had the same problem. His suggestion, VModa ear buds. You can purchase them on There are several models ranging in price from $30 up. Self’s Fitness Director and my big sis Meag, also recommended Sony’s MDR-AS20J Active Style Headphones ($20; in a recent Q&A. Hope that helps.

Cassidy19 says: Erin, I naturally have muscular thighs. Since I started running more and lifting weights, they seem to have really bulked up. Since a lot of cardio is mainly using legs, do you think it is ok to not weight lift the lower half of my body?

Answer: This is tricky, but I do think it is still important to include resistance training in your routine. So instead of ditching the weights completely, try performing more reps with a lighter weight.

CassaB says: Do you constantly mix up your exercise routine? I often go by a pretty strict consistent routine…I get nervous if I don’t do the same arm exercises each week or leg exercises, I won’t tone the muscle…is this incorrect thinking? Is it good to do different stuff all the time?

Answer: You don’t have to perform the same exercises each workout to sculpt your muscles. You can change up your routine and still get toned. The key is to find various exercises that target the same muscle groups. For example: A chest press works the pecs and triceps. A pushup also targets the pecs and triceps as well as shoulders and abs. I mix and match my workouts because the variety keeps me motivated. But if following a strict regimen works for you, then stick with it.

tknewlife says: Hi Erin: Here’s a question for you…I am trying to get back to my workout routine of cardio during my lunch hour. However, I usually eat my lunch right after I workout. If I eat before, I feel a little sick on the elliptical. Am I erasing my good workout if I eat right after?

Answer: Eating a healthy lunch (fruit, whole grain bread, etc.) after a workout will help refuel your muscles and give you the energy you need to get through the rest of your day. Have a great workout and enjoy your lunch!