The most dangerous foods

I just came across this article, which names 13 foods that are dangerous — even lethal — to eat. I’ve heard many times about the dangers of one of the culprits, raw cookie dough, but that never stops me from craving it on a Friday night when I am wrapped up in my jammies and slippers with a good chick flick in the DVD player. Don’t worry — I know better.

I was also a little disappointed to see that shark made the list. When I was traveling through Southeast Asia a few years ago, shark steak managed to make my list of all-time favorite foods. I’m lucky I live quite a ways from the shark-infested waters or the temptation might be too much to handle.

Stuffing cooked in the turkey also made the list, but don’t panic — it’s OK as long as you cook it at a high enough temperature.

Author by Martha Edwards