The basics on getting a flatter stomach

A flat stomach — something we all want but only a few really have. Here are some “back to basics” tips to getting there:

  • Eat enough everyday. In other words, don’t “over-diet” and slow down your metabolism (you’ll burn less fat). And make a point to eat healthy foods.
  • Build and tone muscle with strength training. If you strengthen your core you’ll burn more fat, look leaner, and your abs will be more defined. For suggested moves, complete with animated instructions, click here.
  • Burn fat and boost your metabolism with cardio. Go to the gym or get active outside to lose inches and flatten your midsection.
  • Don’t work your abs more than 3 times a week. The key to a tight tummy is generalized fitness — there’s no such thing as targeted weight loss. So definitely exercise your abs regularly, but give them the time they need to heal in between workouts.

If I was to throw my own tip in here, it would probably say “be diligent!” Honestly, most of this stuff I’ve heard before. It’s making a plan and sticking to it that’s tough for me.

Author by Rigel Gregg