That coffee break packs more calories than you thought

Do you take regular coffee breaks at work? If so, you may be packing on pounds with what you thought was an innocent, non-fattening cup o’joe. Coffee can have a lot more calories than you expect, especially if you’re a fan of add-ons like cream, sugar, flavor syrup and whipped cream. This is especially true if you get your caffeine fix from a coffee shop like Starbucks, because their sizes are significantly larger than what a serving of coffee should be.

So what to do? You could switch to non-fat milk or light cream, for one. If you’re into sweetness, try a sugar substitute like Splenda. Avoid all the add-ons and be sure order the smallest size. You really don’t need 24 oz of coffee, do you?

I have a couple of suggestions of my own: instead of going for coffee, why not go for a walk? It’s 10 times more invigorating. Also: when I drink coffee, I use Silk Soy Creamer — it’s lower in calories and fat than regular creamers and it has just a slight hint of sweetness, which is perfect for my palate. Or, switch to tea!

Author by Martha Edwards