How many calories … in a Starbucks nonfat mocha?

[“How Many Calories” is a regular feature that reveals the surprising calorie content in various foods. Thought-provoking, indeed. We’re always on the lookout for surprising calorie counts, so let us know what you’re finding and we may blog about it!]

How many calories … In a Starbucks 16-ounce nonfat white chocolate mocha, hold the whipped cream?

(a) 190
(b) 390
(c) 490
(d) 690

Answer: (b) 390 calories

Sadly, even though you might choose the healthful options of nonfat milk and no whip, you could still have had a yummy grilled cheese sandwich for the same amount of calories that are in this one medium drink!

Rather than give up on lattes altogether, you can use Starbucks’ high-functioning nutrition page to compare their beverages to one another, to make informed decisions and choose drinks that meet your needs. For example, the same size nonfat cappucino is just 100 calories, as is an Americano with two tablespoons of half-and-half.

An Americano with no cream — if you can manage to give up the milky white stuff — is a mere 15 calories. I think I’ll have one of those and a delicious grilled cheese, next time I have room for 400 calories in my day.

Author by Larissa Brown