Telephone coaches offer more personal support than e-coaches

Deciding to hire a coach or personal trainer used to be as simple as going to the gym and signing up for a weekly appointment with a member of the staff. But technology complicated things. Suddenly the Internet made it possible for a coach from anywhere in the world to give you a personalized fitness plan… while you sat one your couch eating donuts, emailing your coach about all the wonderful progress you’d made.

The e-coach can be a convenient, less expensive way to get professional guidance towards your fitness goals. But this type of hands-off training only works with certain personality types. Some of us get a little relaxed when there’s no personal involvement. We need motivation just as much as professional instruction.

Telephone coaches
are a happy medium for people who need a little bit of personal push to get motivated but don’t have the time or money for weekly personal meetings with a trainer. Telephone coaches may not be able to track your physical results, but they can get a better sense of your personality and what motivates you by hearing you talk about your goals and experiences. Plus, they’ll be able to hear you if you’re eating donuts.