How to Get Rid of Blackheads on Your Breasts


Blackheads form when pores become blocked. The plug, which is usually made up of dead, dried skin cells, sebum (the oil produced in hair follicles) and dirt, turns black when exposed to air. Blackheads can form just about anywhere on the body there are hair follicles. Once plugged, sebum builds up in the hair follicle, causing swelling and, in some instances, pain. Blackheads are not uncommon around the nipples and between the breasts.

Step 1

Take a warm shower or bath.

Step 2

Apply body scrub to the area where you have blackheads. With wet hands, massage the body scrub over and around the blackhead plug(s). Rinse and then dry the skin with a towel.

Step 3

Wet one cotton ball with witch hazel or rubbing alcohol and apply over the blackhead site to disinfect the skin.

Step 4

Wet two more cotton balls with witch hazel or rubbing alcohol. Flatten each cotton ball and wrap one around the tip of each of your middle fingers.

Step 5

Looking into the mirror, place the tips of your middle fingers on either side of the blackhead and press toward the plug using gentle, rocking movements.

Step 6

Stop as soon as the plug is fully expressed.

Step 7

Moisten a cotton ball with witch hazel or rubbing alcohol and apply to the site to disinfect the pore.

Step 8

Allow to air dry before dressing.