Dax Pure Lanolin Ingredients

Dax Pure Lanolin is a hair care product designed to put moisture and body into your hair without being sticky or gummy. Although Dax Pure Lanolin is labeled as being 100% pure lanolin, it is actually a mix of five different ingredients. This product is available in many retail salon stores.


One ingredient in Dax Pure Lanolin is Petrolatum. Petrolatum has been proven to heal skin from damage and to reduce inflammation, according to the Nov./Dec. 2000 edition of “Acta Dermato-Venereologica”. Pure petrolatum is what the brand name product Vaseline™ is. This tried and true moisturizer has been used for decades.


Lanolin comes from sheep and is used as an emollient. Emollients are those agents that soften and smooth skin or hair, and they are very good moisturizers. A “British Journal of Dermatology” study in July 2001 reviewed over 24,000 patients that used lanolin and saw only a 1.7% rate of allergic reaction, which went down in percentage as the lanolin concentration went below 50%. The more people that can use the product safely and without allergy the better the product is health-wise. According to Cosmetics Cop, lanolin mirrors the oil found in human oil glands closely, meaning that dry skin suffers will have added protection while individuals who are prone to having oily skin will have more trouble.


Water is nearly always the first ingredient in a label because it is the main ingredient. However, water is the third ingredient on this list for this product after lanolin and petrolatum.

Mineral Oil

Derived from petrolatum, mineral oil is clear and odorless and is one of the safest and non-irritating substances used in moisturizing products. Cosmetics Cop lists it at one of the safest and most non-irritating moisturizers found. It keeps skin and hair hydrated and is a natural ingredient. It also doubles as a wound healer.


Fragrances are natural or synthetic items that are added simply to provide a specific odor to the product to make it more appealing. These are typically high on the list of skin irritants, and can cause allergic reactions.