Scale compares you to celebrities

One of the scariest parts about trying to lose weight, or even about trying to maintain a healthy weight, is stepping on the scale. Granted, the actual act is not scary and neither is the experience if you don’t look down, but the numbers themselves can be intimidating. To take the scare out of the scale, take out the numbers and try out a scale like The Celebrity Weighing Scale. This scale uses celebrities — ranging from Oliver Twist and the Karate Kid to Mr Ed and King Kong — to give you a benchmark for comparison.

Some might say that making comparisons to celebrities is not a positive thing to do, since they are set up to be the “ideal” we’re supposed to be reaching for and frequently have unrealistic images. Rest assured that the scale tries to be realistic and, when it comes down to it, famous people can be good benchmarks simply because they are so visible. But even if you can’t stomach getting a weight readout of “Roseanne” in place of hard numbers, at least you’ll crack a smile or two. And how many people can say that about their weekly weigh in?

[via Cool Hunting]

Author by Nicole Weston