Purple tomato rolls into action!

Most of the time a purple-colored tomato should give off some warning signs. After all, red is the preferable shade of this particular culinary vegetable. However, researchers at Oregon State University have been tweaking a different variety of tomato that isn’t unlike a blueberry!

This dark-skinned purple version comes from six years of mad science, but is actually traceable from a wild type out of South America. So what’s in the new color anyway? Well it’s not all aesthetics, believe it or not. The new tone brings with it a photochemical that fights the risk of cancer and heart disease.

Don’t go out looking just yet: it could be another two years before we actually see them. How the public will react to a radically different color of a popular salad ingredient has yet to be seen. Would you be receptive to a purple tomato? It would be interesting to see other varieties of vegetables or fruit undergo a paint job as well!

Author by Adams Briscoeg