Product review — Naked Juice

When I get up in the morning, I face some hard choices — whether to munch on some whole-grain Muesli x-type cereal (dry or with just a little soy milk) or to just grab a smoothie and sip at it for 20 minutes until gone. Trying to find “fruit-only” smoothies was a hard thing, since many varieties have added sugar and sweeteners and other ingredients I’m no fan of.

A good compromise for me has been “Naked Juice“, which I’ve been drinking now for several months. I used to love getting fresh and organic fruits into my blender to make a nice, rich smoothie for breakfast — and I still do sometimes — but I too succumb to the convenience factor and just want to pop open a container and get the same nutrition if I can.

Now, this isn’t cheap — I can buy enough fresh fruit to make four smoothies for what I pay for a “Naked Juice” that’s already prepared — they range from $2.99 to $3.99 each.

But, would I rather pay up to $4 for a real, whole-fruit juice smoothie rather than a sugar and fat-filled Starbucks cappuccino? Absolutely. Look at the ingredients of Naked Juice — all the fruits are in there.

Author by Brian White