Predictions for the future of nutrition

Recently, the medical division of ABC News spoke with a group of doctors and other experts about the future of medicine, including nutrition. Their thoughts, while officially just a bunch of guesses as to what nutrition will look like 25 years from now, are about as educated as guesses come. Here’s a few of the expert’s predictions about nutrition in 2031.

Milk Chocolate will be rare, mostly replaced by dark chocolate because of its nutritional superiority. Trans fats will be gone from the food supply entirely. The optimal amounts of red wine and vitamin D will be known, finally, and incorporated into our everyday diets. 40 to 50 percent of the population will be vegetarian, and because of that public schools will offer lunches in two categories: mixed diet and vegetarian. The group also predicted that that breast milk will be cloned, and diabetes and obesity will both have been on the decline for 15 years.

Overall, it sounds like a pretty positive vision of the future. To see the rest of the predictions be sure to check out the article.

Author by Brigitte Dale