About Refurbished Mac Laptops

The Apple Macintosh computer, introduced in January 1984, is without question the best computer available for home or work. It is the fastest, easiest-to-use computer ever made and even refurbished Macs are worth having.


  • When Apple introduced the Mac, it wasn’t meant to be the company’s main product but simply a sideshow to the Lisa. The Lisa, however, didn’t sell well and the Mac was easier to use. While the Mac did take off in sales, its high price tag never gave it the market share of the DOS-based computer. Apple did produce the first home computer—the Apple II—in history, but the market was grabbed by what Microsoft CEO Bill Gates called “cheap and good enough.” Since Macs were expensive—and built better than PCs—people almost immediately started refurbishing computers that had problems.


  • Macs use the best components available, so they tend to last a long time. That said, parts such as hard drives, screens and even processors can fail from time to time. Apple itself will get Macs traded back in either for the same model or a higher one. The company then tests the computers and replaces any defective part.


  • Other companies and even individuals also refurbish Macs. Because most of the parts are readily available and there are instructions online and elsewhere, people can refurbish their own Macs.


  • Refurbishing Mac laptops generally is easier than desktop models because they are easier to open. The parts in general unscrew or snap out, so it’s easy to replace things like hard drives, processors, RAM chips, optical drives and the like. Lower-end desktops, such as the iMac and older models, are designed to prevent the casual user from gaining access to the innards, but it still can be done.


  • Refurbished Macs tend to be much cheaper than brand-new ones. If you are buying directly from Apple’s online store, they also have guarantees. According to the Web site, “Apple Certified Refurbished Products are pre-owned Apple products that undergo Apple’s stringent refurbishment process prior to being offered for sale. These products have been returned under Apple’s Return and Refund Policies. While only some units are returned due to technical issues, all units undergo Apple’s stringent quality refurbishment process.” Macs refurbished by Apple have one-year warranties, and optional three-year warranties are available for purchase.