Porridge: It’s not just for Goldilocks

So, I had my first bowl of porridge today … and it was surprisingly tasty. My traditional weekday breakfast is oatmeal and fruit. But, porridge? It’s like oatmeal 2.0.

I’ve been feeling pretty pious about my oatmeal because before that, I was eating fried eggs and cheese toast. Hardly healthy. So, when I ran across this article that pointed out that it’s not enough to consider what we eat but how we eat it, I’ve got to say I was a little discouraged. Are my efforts not enough, without having to worry about when, why, where, and how I eat it?

Anyway. I digress.


What I found out is actually rather interesting. It’s what we digest that really counts. If we can do things to aid digestion — like soak grains in enzyme-rich mixtures to break down nutrition inhibitors like phytic acid — we’ll gain more nutrition from the food. That’s where the porridge comes in. By soaking your oats overnight in a mixture of warm water and non-homogenized organic whole plain yogurt, the enzyme contribution is significantly bumped up. This leads to better digestion and better nutritional intake. If you want to take your oatmeal to the next level, here’s the porridge recipe.

When I completed the final step of preparing the porridge this morning, I was still skeptical. I have this thing about eating certain textures. Would it be too slimy or gelatinous? As it is, I have to make my oatmeal pretty lumpy. But after I cooked the porridge down and added some fresh blueberries, I had to admit that it was, as Goldilocks would say, just right.

Have any of you tried porridge?

Author by Kristi Anderson