Pancreatic cancer linked to high sugar intake

In a new study, the incidence of pancreatic cancer was increased when cancer sufferers were found to have an abnormally high sugar intake. The Swedish study looked at the diets of almost 80,000 men and women between 1997 and 2005 in the study.

Out of this group, a total of 131 people developed pancreatic cancer, which is a highly-deadly form of cancer that is very hard to treat. The researchers then asked all participants about the consumption of foods — particularly beverages — that had large sugar concentrations and found out that the group of people who said they drank fizzy or syrup-based drinks twice a day or more had a 90% higher risk of developing pancreatic cancer compared to those participants that never drank those products.

If you can, drop soft drinks out of your daily regimen or at least decrease their consumption — all that sugar is not good for anyone really (except the soft drink companies and their bottom lines).

Author by Brian White