My husband just started taking blood pressure medication

During the past year , I started running with my neighbor and best friend. We started training for races, so we ran anywhere from 3.5 to 5 miles a day, and sometimes 8 miles a day. My husband would run with us very occasionally, but he generally regarded us as the runners. Until about a month ago.

I had a regular doctor’s appointment scheduled, so he asked me to take some blood pressure screenings with me to show the doctor. I don’t know much about men’s blood pressure, so I didn’t realize just how high those reading were– on average, they were 150/120. The doctor called the next day and said, “Do a four-day baseline and we need to start you on medication.” This freaked us out because my husband is only 38 years old.

He started running with us every day. Over those four days, his blood pressure dropped down to the 120’s. But he decided after a week of it not going down more to start taking the pills. It dropped down to 115/95. I said, “That’s girl blood pressure,” because that is almost as low as mine. I was floored. So, now he is running with us daily (or about 5 times a week– sometimes schedules just get the best of us), and we are making a lot of changes around the house. And those are some of the things I am going to be blogging about here.

Author by Jen Creer