Mod Green Pod makes “green” textiles fashionable

Austinite Nancy Mims is on a mission to take organic from hippie to hip. A lover of swank design and sustainable goods, when fashion industry veteran Nancy couldn’t find anything that fit this bill, she and sister-in-law Lisa Mims decided to write the bill themselves.

With that, Mod Green Pod — offering a line of 100% organic cotton fabrics and wallpapers that are environmentally-friendly and home-healthy — was born.

Its debut Jubilee collection of four prints in multiple colors is equally cheery and chic, rich and decadent. But the best part of the line is that it is grown without toxic chemicals or pesticides. The Austin/Boston-based company also uses a water-based printing process that respects the simplicity and purity of the fabric. Even the line’s wallpaper is finished without a coating of toxic vinyl, unlike most wallpapers.

Consumers and design industry insiders are definitely taking notice of these inspired designs. Mod Green Pod will be featured in House & Garden magazine in September, and in Brides magazine in November.

Nancy Mims is thrilled: “The green design world is so helpful, and there’s so much interest in what we’re doing. And that’s exciting because we want to be part of a whole movement, not just succeed as a company.”

Mod Green Pod is sold to the trade through a design showroom in Boston, and it is beginning to sell direct to consumers through the Internet and a handful of green design stores around the country.

Author by Kristi Anderson