Men’s Health: Angriest U.S. cities

Yesterday I discovered this upsetting piece over at Men’s Health on the top 100 angry cities in the United States. Not that anyone should be getting worked up when finding their city ranks pretty high on the anger scale, but it’s scary to say the least. For me personally, happy and healthy living also comes from happy, healthy surroundings in your circle of friends and from the individuals in your community. That’s just my own personal opinion.

This Men’s Health list ranks cities by factors like percentage of men with high blood pressure, FBI rates of aggravated assaults, Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers on workplace deaths from assaults and other violence in addition to road rage. My city certainly didn’t make the top ten. Tampa, FL came in close at 12th, but considering several other cities in Florida made the tops it kind of bums me out. Orlando takes the top at number one. Imagine the tourism hotspot just burning up red-hot and mad with angry folks. Nearby St. Petersburg, FL ranks second, which doesn’t really seem to surprise me. Miami and Jacksonville also make the top ten. It looks as though the Sunshine State isn’t so sunny and cheerful after all. Go see where your city ranks.

Author by Adrienne Wilson