Most Valuable Baseball Trading Cards

Baseball cards have been a popular collectible for years. There is a wide variety of baseball cards, many of which are not worth much. On the other hand, there a few cards whose popularity has made them very valuable.


While baseball cards have in the past enjoyed meteoric rises in value, their profitability has recently leveled off . Still, certain cards have retained their value, as their popularity endures through all economic climates. These cards are still highly prized, fetching from the thousands of dollars to more than $1 million.


What makes a card particularly valuable? In many cases, it is the popularity of the player. Players like Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle are admired to this day, and their cards are still highly sought-after. Baseball-card prices follow the laws of supply and demand. As a result, rare cards, such as ones that have errors or misprints, are particularly valuable. Cards that are in perfect or otherwise excellent shape also have higher value.


The most valuable baseball card of all time is the 1909 T206 White Border #366 of Honus Wagner. This card was pulled from circulation because of an objection to the original card, which depicted Wagner smoking. The card was recently auctioned for a record $2.8 million.


Several Mickey Mantle cards are also extremely valuable. His 1951 Topps card is at the top of the list, closely followed by his 1952 card. While neither one has any unusual flaws or misprints that make it particularly rare, the overwhelming popularity of Mickey Mantle makes his cards, particularly his early ones, worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Expert Insight

Aside from a Mickey Mantle, the most valuable non-pulled card is a 1910 T206 card of Eddie Plank. This card is distinguished by its age and relative rarity. It has consistently been among the most valuable baseball cards over the last several years, going for over $200,000 in mint condition.