Medical mix-ups hurt 1.5 million people

That’s 1.5 million people a year! What are we talking about exactly? A recent report said that this is how many patients get hurt by medical mistakes with drugs every year.

Think that is a scary number? How about this: the average hospitalized patient will have at least one medication error per day, according to this CNN piece. Improving medical care is an age-old work-in-progress, but when you have millions of people who are getting hurt by it, something must be done. The report called out for electronic prescription filing by 2010, for every single one.

It’s hard to say how many of these 1.5 million people were killed or seriously injured because of malpractice, but in 1999 estimates said it could be as high as 7,000 a year. Everyone would like to see preventable errors disappear entirely, but when it starts costing you an extra $5,800 on your hospital bill, a bleeding wallet is just one more reason to up the status of medication treatment. This is a problem that is costing people time, money and more importantly, health. Read the full article here for more insightful information.

Author by Adams Briscoe