Juvo all-natural raw meal — a review

I’ve been looking for a delicious and quick raw meal for some time now. While there have been some decent ones from Enzymatic Therapy and others, the taste just wasn’t up to the level I would have expected. Recently I came across “Juvo” and filled out a webform for a free sample from the company.

It was in a little packet and I was curious as soon as I received it on how it would taste. I immediately opened it up and mixed the powder — with some very impressive organic freeze-dried ingredients — into some Naked Juice.

I squirted in a little Agave Nectar — which I use instead of sugar — and mixed it all up with a spoon. Holy cow! This tasted great and left no nasty aftertaste in my mouth. The nutrition given by this product was great as well. I’d highly suggest readers sign up for a free sample from the Juvo website and see what you think. Talk about a quick and very good tasting natural meal alternative for those times when food preparation can’t be had.

Author by Brian White