Inside an Ayurveda detox with Jessica Ashley

I’m fascinated with the idea of the detox, as it seems a concept rooted deeply in the human psyche. My four-year-old, Everett, has been periodically detoxing since he could reach the carrots at our local organic produce store. When he’s feeling badly, he’ll eat nothing but oranges, bananas, carrots and water — a sharp detour from his usual diet of toast, hot dogs, ketchup and potato chips.

So I was thrilled when I saw a friend, Jessica Ashley, was delving deep into an Ayurveda detox on her ParentsConnect blog. She’s just completed a two-week cleanse; avoiding caffeine, alcohol, refined flour, refined sugar, animal products, raw vegetables, fermented foods, and vinegar. While at first she could only mourn her “creamy, sweet coffee” and insist that she did not eat beans!, by six days in, she was feeling good but overwhelmed by the concept of a liquid diet. “I drank tea and more tea and more tea until water sounded like an extra dirty gin and tonic on a hot summer night,” she writes.

It’s really fun to accompany Jessica on the detox; I especially laughed out loud at her accidental trip to a raw foods restaurant with her family. (“Raw foods, according to Ayurveda, are hard to digest and leave behind a lot in the intestines.”) Way to go Jessica! I can’t wait to try that Carrot Subji.

Author by Sarah Gilbert