How to prevent post-exercise skin breakouts

Some people have bad skin that clears up when they start working out regularly, and some unfortunate souls go the other way and get nasty breakouts on their face or body. Since giving up on exercise isn’t an option, what else to do to?

According to, it’s all about what you’re wearing. The sweating is the problem, so everything from make-up to a shirt made of the wrong fabric can cause skin breakouts. The good news? If these tips work for you then it’s a pretty easy fix (cross your fingers!).

For skin problems on your face or hairline, try washing off make-up before getting started and avoiding oil-based hair products. Breaking out on your back or arms? Invest in workout gear that wicks moisture, synthetic fabrics are best, and change clothes/shower as soon as you can post-routine. Shape also makes some good product recommendations, if you’re looking for ideas.

Author by Rigel Gregg