How often is “once in a while?”

When dieting — or simply deciding to cut back a bit on some of your guiltier indulgences — there are always foods that are hard to give up. If you have a sweet tooth, these foods might include cookies and ice cream. If you favor salty items, potato chips or bacon might cause a danger zone. From donuts to egg rolls, there are foods that should be limited to “once in a while” or “occasional” ingestion. But how often is that?

The answer is: it depends.

For something that is small and you are likely to eat frequently, it might mean a few times a week, like going from a few cookies a day to one every other day. When your weakness is fried tortilla chips or chocolate cake, your “once in a while” could be once or twice a month. If you can’t stop yourself from eating those unhealthy foods once you start (a half-dozen of those donuts for breakfast?), “once in a while” might have to mean once or twice a year until you can overcome that urge.

It all boils down to being able to eat a small or reasonable amount of your favorite foods — no matter what they are — without having to give them or your diet up completely. And after a while, that “once in a while” will no longer be a wait; it will just be.

How long is your “once in a while?

Author by Nicole Weston