Holistic holiday at sea

Wouldn’t vacations be absolutely perfect if we didn’t pack on pounds from all the sinfully delicious foods, or from slothfully laying around doing nothing? Sure, time off should be time off but after awhile laying around — be it your house, a beach or on a cruise ship — gets boring. Yawns. I’ve been on one cruise and nothing about it really knocked my socks off. Naturally, I was delighted to feel the breeze combing through my hair and to take time out from my everyday hustle, but the casinos weren’t my thing and while the cuisine was great, I almost felt guilty eating so much. Where is the balance?

Thankfully, A Taste of Health and Vegetarian Times is hosting a seven day-trip built for the mind, body and spirit all aboard a ship! It’s a little ways out, but if you’re serious about putting in your request for much needed time off, check this one out now. Taking to the seas March 4-11, 2007, the Holistic Holiday at Sea IV – Voyage to Well-Being will include experts in holistic living and natural health to provide lectures and workshops for cruise participants. Start your day with yoga, Pilates, meditation or learn from a vegan and macrobiotic chef. Continuing education credits (CEU’s) will also be available. The liner itself is said to be a world-premier Italian luxury liner and will stop at ports in the Dominica Republic, St. Thomas, Puerto Rico, Grand Turk and the U.S. Virgin Islands, to name only a healthy handful.

For a list of presenters, program overview and additional details, click here.

Author by Adrienne Wilson