Healthy horoscopes

Healthy and horoscopes in the same headline probably sounds a bit hokey to people who take their personal wellness extremely seriously. I don’t blame you, but lighten up a little — horoscopes in my mind are merely entertainment. On most days I enjoy being the creator of my own horoscopes by releasing positive energy into the atmosphere and chanting positive lines out loud like: “Today will be as great as you make it. You will recognize great opportunities and leap on them.” Or, “You will make good time and speed during your run today.” See — it’s that easy.

Some days it’s cool to have someone else play the guessing game by zodiac sign. This feelingok website has a section on Healthy Horoscopes and breaks the signs down into following categories: Water, Fire, Air and Earth. With each group, they note which exercise and activity is best for you and then tell each individual sign what areas they should avoid over-working. Lastly they recommend which fitness product is best for you.

For example: I’m a Gemini which is an Air sign. Gemini’s along with Aquarius’s and Libra’s need mentally challenging exercise like t’ai chi or dancing to test classic coordination. They got that much right, but really I find a little of myself in all the signs. It’s what you choose to believe, but no — I wouldn’t turn to horoscopes for serious health advice. Just a little Monday fun for you!

Author by Adrienne Wilson