Healthy handful: Stay fit on the road

If you’re trying to maintain a regular exercise routine, you know how difficult it can be to fit it in when you’re traveling. This month’s Mayo Clinic Women’s HealthSource offers tips to stay active on the road, whether you’re a road warrior or the occasional weekend traveler:

(1) Plan ahead. If you’re staying in a hotel, try to pick one that has exercise and/or pool facilities, or is near a park or public walking trail. Check out the hotel’s website or chat with the concierge for suggestions.

(2) Pack appropriately. Don’t forget to pack your workout clothing and footwear, including a swimsuit and jacket. You might even stash some ultra-portable fitness travel items in your luggage, like a customized hotel room workout DVD, resistance bands, FitDeck or the very cool Yoga Paws.

(3) Use layovers and long flights. During layovers, stash the laptop and carry-on in a secure airport locker and briskly walk the terminal. On long flights, try to walk the aisle at least once to stretch out. And don’t forget the water: it’s important to stay hydrated in the air. However, we think this may be going a bit too far.

(4) Take frequent driving breaks or check out local scenery: If you’re in a state that has nice roadside rest areas, take advantage of them by getting out and walking around. On one of my last road trips, we hiked to the top of Multnomah Falls in Oregon.

(5) Make fitness a focus. If you’re on vacation or traveling for business, integrate exercise into your plans with side-trips for hiking, canoeing, golf or skiing. And if nothing else, put on your tennis shoes and just get out there and walk! Find a nearby park or waterfront boardwalk. Or, whether you’re staying at a hotel, cabin or with family or friends, simply walk out the front door, walk for 15 minutes, turn around and walk back. It really is that simple.

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