Green attire: sameunderneath clothing

Call me a sucker, but I have the hardest time sifting through bins at bargain and discount outlets looking for a good deal. I like nice clean rows of clothing labeled and marked according to size and arranged by color. Additionally, I tend to lean toward items with attractive packaging and a catchy name. In the past, I was also one of the biggest impulse buyers found on the planet but after a while I decided I need to start placing a little more time into researching before buying and saving a little money in the process. Besides, packaging isn’t everything so I suppose it’s the name of this clothing line that grabbed me — Sameunderneath. What’s the same underneath? The person or the clothes?

The line was created by Ryan Christensen, who aims to put street organic on the bodies of anybody longing for edgy, hip threads made of bamboo and cotton. Through t-shirts, pants and other clothing items, the designer hopes to emphasize social consciousness and environmental sustainability … all of which I can most certainly dig! Check out the website for locations, the online shop or to learn more about what street organic is all about.

Author by Adrienne Wilson