Getting fit from video gaming?

That’s exactly how one innovative new fitness center is trying to shape up the youth in California: through gaming! Overtime Fitness is a teen-only hybrid hangout for anyone ages 13 to 18. It’s got your fitness games, typical workout gym, wireless internet and even a cafe.

The real catch is its exercise-centered video games. Instead of grabbing a seat on the couch and working out those opposable thumbs, Overtime Fitness incorporates several non-traditional gaming mechanisms to tweak the experience. Specifically, they make you sweat.

Sure, to the untrained eye these apparatuses may seem kind of gimmicky. But coming from someone who has broken a sweat more than once to such demanding games as Dance Dance Revolution, I can attest to their effectiveness. So can others… Just check out the girl who lost 95 pounds doing it!
This provides some strong evidence of teens getting fit through a trendy medium. It’s no secret that kids in America could use the exercise, after all. Could it be that gyms have found an excellent way to cater to a specific new crowd?

Author by Adams Briscoe