Sermons for Young Adults

By Michael Straessle

Younger generations have always seen life differently than the generations that came before them. Because of this, reaching them with the wisdom that the older generations have gained through life experiences has always been a challenge.


There is no doubt that young adults make a significant difference in every community. Therefore, the sermons that are heard by them have to be as significant. They are looking for something in life to challenge them, and they will search until they find it. This means the message in the sermon has to be fresh, relevant and exciting.


When considering how to put together the pieces of information that will make a good sermon for young adults, the speaker should look into his own lifestyle. Considerations should include what icons he relate to; the types of music he likes or dislikes; the sports he likes to watch or participate in; and what he chooses as his priorities in life. These personal touches can help make the sermon memorable. The considerations that go into a sermon for young adults can be a learning experience for both the speaker and the young adults.


The effects of sermons for young adults can sometimes take a while to manifest. These effects can range from forming a new approach to human relationships to major paradigm shifts that reshape the way they interpret life’s goals and purposes. On the flip side of the coin, incorrect information and/or miss-applying the concepts that are in the sermon can have negative effects on individual young adults, and by extension, the community.


A balanced life includes more than just physical health–it also needs a healthy mental state, which is directly proportional to spiritual health. Benefits derived from a good sermon for young adults begin here. As the sermon delves into the spiritual aspects of life, such as the motivation behind morals, the benefits become obvious as the life of one young adult influences others. Other benefits include quality time spent alone: A good sermon for young adults can reveal reasons for meditation or quiet time.


The full potential of sermons for young adults is sometimes not realized until the young adult grows into full adulthood. However, due to many young adults having a profound impact on their corner of the world, speakers are motivated to understand young adults in order to continue providing insights to help them grow spiritually.