Food snob or slob: Which are you?

Growing up, my well-traveled father, who had spent years living it up in Europe, was always feeding me full of fine foods like fancy cheeses, lobster, freshly-baked french bread, caviar and so on. On the other hand, my maternal grandmother served home-style dishes like mac n’cheese, tuna casserole and beef dip, which I also loved. So I can’t decide if I am a food snob or slob. I love exotic, rich foods (in moderation of course), but I also have a great respect for simple recipes that are hearty and don’t break the bank. And I’m definitely not ashamed to eat canned cream of mushroom soup or have ketchup in my fridge. But yet I scoff when someone suggests I head to a big-name fast food establishment for lunch — it’s so not my style.

When I was growing up, I spent the day with a friend and her dad. Her dad took us out to lunch to one of his favorite places, a small, family-owned barbecue-beef on the bun joint. My friend was mortified that her father would have audacity to take her friend to a cheap establishment like that and she refused to eat, choosing instead to dart evil looks at her father while we chowed down. Looking back, I feel sorry for her — the food was really good. So maybe not being a food snob is a good thing. What do you think?

Author by Martha Edwards