Food giants promise to promote healthy habits to kids

A number of large food companies, including McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Campbell’s, Hershey and Kraft, have promised to promote healthy eating and exercise in advertising campaigns aimed at children. This means limiting the presence of kids characters and games on unhealthy items, although this only applies to outside characters and not the brands own spokes cartoon (think Ronald McDonald), who can be used to promote any item. Critics are wary and think this move will have little impact. In fact, one mother quoted says that it doesn’t matter if apple slices are being pushed on children, because they already know what they like: French fries.

In some ways, it seems like these food companies are making a very small, un-impactful step in the hopes of relieving pressure from mothers and health groups, who rally them to stop perpetuating the childhood obesity epidemic. Still, I think it’s a good start. What’s your opinion?

Author by Martha Edwards