Fighting (and feeding) the summer flu

I decided today that there is nothing worse than a summer flu. I’m still just as miserable with a winter flu but at least it’s a little more expected. Because I’ve refused to believe I have the flu (who gets the flu in summer?, I thought), I haven’t reduced my hectic schedule at all. By ignoring the flu monster, it now has completely steam-rolled me. My throat glands are swollen, my throat is on fire, I have chills and aches, a fever, and all I want to do is sleep. Whine.

Oh. I’m also hungry. Of course, I only crave processed food — problematic since I’m currently trying not to eat anything processed. So, while I’d love nothing more than a big Nyquil cocktail and mac & cheese, I’m trying to motivate myself instead to get up and boil a chicken breast and sweet potato — foods full of life-giving nutrients, I cheer! — for dinner. It would be easier if we didn’t have anything processed in the house but there is this one, lonely little packet of buttery noodles in our cupboard that’s calling my name. I know that processed food is “dead food” but slippery, buttery, warm noodles on my throat? Nirvana!

So, what to do?

I did a little web¬†survey and found this from eHow on how to fight the flu naturally. I’m happy to see that I’m doing most of them. All I know is that I’m off to observe their tip #2 — rest! I’ll be back to post tomorrow but I think it’s better for me to go practice what we preach here at That’s Fit — being and keeping fit!

Now if only I could get someone to deliver me a steaming tureen of homemade chicken soup. That would stomp out my processed food cravings for sure. What cures do you try and what do you eat when you’re sidelined with the flu?

Author by Kristi Anderson