FDA tracks e-coli spinach to Salinas Valley, California

Looks like a bag of Dole bagged baby spinach may hold the key to why over 120 people were sickened — one fatally — by eating bagged spinach contaminated by e-coli bacteria. Using the barcode and other data from the bag of Dole baby spinach that cause one victim to become ill, Natural Selection Foods of San Juan Batista, California was identified as the supplier of the contaminated spinach.

Additionally, a specific stretch of California farmland in the Salinas Valley was also identified as the source of the spinach that contained the e-coli bacteria. Strangely, though, e-coli is actually a bacteria that lives by the trillions in the digestive systems of people, cows and other mammals — and it’s vital to digesting food. However, one strain of the bacteria expels toxins into the body, and it is this strain that sickens people, sometimes fatally (60 per year, it is estimated).

Author by Brian White