How to Choose a Sundress

By Veronica Davis

The sundress is a popular item of ladies fashion and a favorite for hot weather throughout the decades. Basic cotton sundresses have been a feature of wardrobes since the 1940s, and since then the item has evolved into a wide range of styles and designs to suit all figures. As a main purchase for your summer wardrobe, it is important to choose the right sundress for you.


A sundress is a dress made from a lightweight fabric especially for the summer, and is usually sleeveless. It is designed for comfort and a degree of sun exposure. They range in length from modest to short hemlines, and feature a number of designs, fabrics and general shapes. The sundress is a versatile piece with differing designs to suit many occasions.


When choosing a sundress you will want to make sure that it fulfills your particular needs. Generally, the benefits of wearing a sundress revolve around comfort. The shape and style allow for a look that can be worn to casual occasions without being overdressed, and is versatile enough to be dressed up with a smart jacket or shoes. It is a simple all-in-one piece popular for holidays. The fact that a flowing dress is so feminine also helps women to feel comfortable and sexy at the same time.


There are many different types of sundress to choose from. A maxi dress is a full length dress, usually touching the floor and worn with flat shoes or sandals. There are also more traditional sundresses that typically feature an A-line skirt (one that gradually flares toward the bottom). Most sundresses are brightly colored yet subtly designed to last through trends. Most sundresses will be produced in a lightweight fabric such as cotton, and are not tight against the skin.


Due to the options available, you should choose a sundress that suits and flatters your body shape. For a small bust, an empire waistline will accentuate the area, whereas a halter top will downplay a larger bust size. Short women should avoid floor length styles and choose shorter dresses to create the illusion of longer legs. Sundresses are also suitable for plus sized women, where the style of dress can create the illusion of a slim body.


Apart from size you will also want to choose a flattering sundress. Strapless or spaghetti straps on sundresses are great for slim women with a toned back and shoulders. It is useful to wear a strapless bra, or even a bathing suit, with a sundress to provide support and avoid exposed bra straps. If you are worried that your sundress may become obsolete after summer, you can try wearing tights and a turtleneck underneath for a transitional piece.