Break the diet self-sabotage cycle

This past Saturday after marathon training with friends, I’d like to tell you that we hit an organic cafe for bean sprout sandwiches and wheat-grass juice. Instead, I hate to admit that — fueled by each others’ hunger and pious attitudes about the 10 miles we just did — we justified a drive-through at a fast food restaurant for cheeseburgers and fries. Let me say that again: Cheeseburgers. And. Fries. After all, it was the much-needed protein and crabs we needed to “re-charge.” Then my friends laughed at me for ordering a Diet Coke, like that would negate the 1,000 calories we were about to consume. I realized in the moment that we were self-sabotaging ourselves but I didn’t care. I craved a cheeseburger, and I could run off the calories tomorrow.

Whether we’re talking about diets or dating, why do we sabotage ourselves so easily when it so goes against the very result we want? Is it really just a matter of instant gratification at war with the desired-for, more healthy long-term result? Over at BellaOnline, weight loss editor Monica Neave identifies clues to let us know if we’re self-sabotaging, and how we can get past the self-sabotage plateau. I learned that my biggest justifier is, “I worked hard, I deserve it!” If you’ve uttered similar words and are still confused because you’re not seeing the results you want, then take some time to consider how self-sabotage might be playing a role. I’m pledging to do the same. I realize that means fewer cheeseburgers in my future but I hold on to the vision of me in my skinny jeans and I suddenly feel stronger.

What are your self-sabotage triggers and how do you side-step them?

Author by Kristi Anderson