Blue collar cosmetic surgery

Let’s say you’ve got a big, unused pile of disposable income sitting around just begging to be spent (I’m using my imagination here). If you could spend that money on a big vacation, a brand new car, or cosmetic surgery, what would you choose?

One in five Americans reportedly want to blow it on the latter to make themselves look better. Now this wasn’t a scientific study or anything, but over a thousand interviews were conducted which represented almost a million and a half households. A lot of those who said they’d like to ramp up the aesthetics were women, though about 12 percent of the men said they would go under the knife themselves (hair plugs, anyone?).

What we are essentially seeing here is a move from Hollywood to the Average Joe and Jane by word of mouth. It’s not just for the elite anymore, and it seems like everyone wants to get their piece of the pie. However, only a mere two percent of those interviewed said they were motived by the media. But if that is true, then how come almost half of all of the men and women said they knew which celebrity feature they would choose for cosmetic surgery? For the record, women favor Jennifer Aniston’s eyes. Whatever the case may be, it’s clear that millions of people out there are not happy with their natural beauty and are willing to go to extreme measures to let someone else change that.

Author by Adams Briscoe